About Woodcraft Workshops

We are based at Stanmer Organics, a nature reserve located in the picturesque forests of Stanmer Park. The aim of Woodcraft Workshops is to help re-connect people with the natural environment. Providing inspiration, fun, an educational experience, knowledge and something tangible to take home, using materials provided freely by the natural environment.

We also produce wood sculptures, which can be viewed online or at occasional exhibitions and art galleries. Commission work is also undertaken.

Most of our workshops are run by Master Craftsman and the founder of Woodcraft Workshops, Chris Hore.


About Chris

Chris discovered his interest in natural instruments whilst travelling in India and living in the foothills of the Himalayas for three years. Whilst there, he met many musicians from all over the world, travelling with their instruments, and was inspired to learn how to craft them and play them.

Returning to the UK, Chris wished to continue an outdoor lifestyle and so began working with an arborist providing tree surgery and gardening services. Wishing to make his own musical instruments he contacted his local nature reserve, requesting access to collect wood which was either dead or had been previously cut. With much interest, they offered to help and were very impressed when the finished instruments were shown to them.

Chris was then asked if he could create and run workshops at the nature reserve for the public to attend and enjoy. Several practice workshops were held for the staff at the reserve, which proved to be very successful; this was the genesis of Woodcraft Workshops. Over the next several years, Chris made connections with other woodland management organisations and ran workshops at various locations in and around South East England.

Whilst gaining experience working as a tree surgeon, Chris became very useful with a chainsaw. With access to wood, he soon started to produce chainsaw sculptures.

As well as chainsaws, Chris has used all manner of wood-working tools and equipment over the years, both in his workshops and externally. With all of these skills and much knowledge, Chris has created an amazing craft workshop space within the beautiful woodland surroundings of Stanmer Organics.

If taking part in a craft workshop isn’t for you, it’s worth popping in for a visit!