• Chainsaw Sculpture Workshop

Chainsaw Sculpture Workshop

If you’re interested in sculpture, already make sculpture on a small scale and want to create something grander, or simply want to learn something new and challenging, welcome to chainsaw sculpture.

Sculpture with a chainsaw allows removal of the medium material (wood) at a rapid rate. Using block cuts, chunks of wood drop away, revealing the 3 dimensional shape desired very quickly. With practice and experience, fine detail can be achieved, enabling the carver to complete 80 – 90% of the desired sculpture with the chainsaw alone.

Then, depending on what level of detail and finishing is required, other tools are utilised, allowing further development of the sculpture. Such tools might include; an arbotech, which is a rotary carving disc, rotational rasps, drum sanders, finger sanders, chisels (both electric and manual), sandpaper and even fire, in the form of a blow torch used to create tonal darkening onto the wood.

You will be using the smallest chainsaw you have very seen! Popular amongst wood carvers due to its light weight and easy handling.

All PPE will be provided. Safety and PPE is of upmost importance.


Timetable (all three days)

8.30 am – Meet, tea and coffee
9.00 am – Start
17.00 pm – Finish

Lunch break can be taken at any time


Additional Info

Skill level: Intermediate
No of Students: 1
Instructor: Chris Hore

Please note that although this workshop is advertised as a 3-day course, more days can be added depending on your project and preference. The listed price of £450 is for three days, any additional days will be priced at £150 per day.


Day 1
Workshop safety brief
Introduction to sculpture
Introduction to the chainsaw
Introduction to PPE
Safe & correct use of the chainsaw
Correct maintenance of the chainsaw
Basic cuts
Day 2
Seeing in 3 dimensions
Marking out
Specific sectional wood removal
Creating simple shapes with the chainsaw

Day 3
Subject choice and beginning your first sculpture


Book This Workshop

Workshops can often be scheduled at quite short notice, depending on interest. If you are interested in booking this workshop, or any other, please contact Chris by email or telephone at:

Email: chris@treegarden.co.uk
Telephone: 07912 447 461