Make A Native American Flute

Discover the ancient art of Native American flute crafting. This type of flute is easy to play, so no musical knowledge or experience is needed.

The Native American people believe that playing these flutes is an expression of your free spirit, allowing your heart and soul to be free and find peace.

Historically dating back 2,500 years, it is believed the first flutes were made from bamboo. Over the course of time, soft woods and then hard woods were used.

The flutes had different uses; meditation, signalling, ceremonies and more often, courtship. The Native American flute is often called the ‘love flute’.

A young Native American man would have been shown how to craft a flute by his grandfather. He would then, over time, make several flutes, until finally making the perfect one; a flute with such a sweet sound as to be confident of successfully serenading a young woman to be his wife.

Flute Workshop Day 2
Workshop safety brief
Introduction to the native American flute
Wood selection
Drilling out air chambers
Marking out & cutting the sound hole and fipple
Flute Workshop Day 1
Marking out & drilling of sound holes
Making the air channel (aka the bird)
Designing & decorating
Learning to play your native American flute


Timetable (both days)

8.30 am – Meet, tea and coffee
9.00 am – Start
17.30 pm – Finish

Lunch break can be taken at any time


Additional Info

Skill level: Beginner
No of Students: 1 – 2
Instructor: Chris Hore


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Telephone: 07912 447 461